TPS Alert offers an all-in-one solution through an expansive portfolio of auditing services.


The TPS Alert Audit Process

TPS Alert takes a comprehensive approach to drug & alcohol compliance auditing. Through a series of audits and continual monitoring, TPS Alert ensures contractors are in compliance with regulatory and Operator-specific drug & alcohol and background screening requirements.

We work directly with Third-Party Administrators and integrate with contractor management systems to minimize the administrative workload for contractors, resulting in a simple and efficient audit experience.

TPS Alert will review and manage Non-DOT, FMCSA, and PHMSA drug and alcohol programs for Hiring Clients in any industry where there is a need for mitigating contractor risk.


Contractor Drug & Alcohol Auditing

TPS Alert conducts a series of audits to ensure contractors are in compliance with regulatory (FMCSA and PHMSA) and Client-specific (Non-DOT) drug & alcohol and background screening requirements. Through TPS Alert’s contractor auditing service, Clients maintain industry standards for all contractors, fostering a drug and alcohol-free workplace resulting in fewer incidents and reduced costs.

How it works: TPS Alert provides each Operator with a dedicated Account Management Team who has deep knowledge of specific Operator requirements and works with the Client to provide consulting on drug & alcohol best practices. Our auditors will work directly with each contractor to explain their requirements and help them achieve and maintain compliance.

Any insufficient audit findings are documented in an easy-to-follow format, allowing the contractor to clearly identify their deficiencies and understand how to work towards program improvement.

Operators receive reports to track the effectiveness and progress of contractors’ D&A programs. The contractor’s drug and alcohol compliance status is available for integration with ISN and PEC/Veriforce.


Contractor Background Screening Auditing

TPS Alert performs detailed background screening monitoring using Operator-specific decision criteria on various levels of criminal and/or other screening result requirements.

The TPS Alert system allows integration with our background screening system, automatically updating the employee’s status based on compliance with the Operator’s background policy. The contractor’s background screening status is available for integration with ISN and PEC/Veriforce.


DAMIS Reporting

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations require contractor drug and alcohol testing reports to be submitted online to the Drug & Alcohol Management Information System (DAMIS) annually.

As a value added service to our Operators with PHMSA-regulated assets, TPS Alert provides DAMIS reporting of contractor D&A statistics to satisfy this requirement.

Our user-friendly system allows contractors to electronically enter their quarterly statistical data. TPS Alert will audit PHMSA contractor testing statistics to ensure they are compliant with the required testing and enter the extracted data into the DAMIS portal on the Operator's behalf, taking the administrative burden off of our Clients.

TPS Alert Active Member

As an added benefit to active contractor members, TPS Alert provides and encourages the use of the “TPS Alert Active Member” logo as promotion on websites, marketing materials, etc.

The “TPS Alert Active Member” logo may not be modified or altered. In the event a contractor’s TPS Alert account is no longer active, use of this logo must immediately cease.

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