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Incidents Cost. Safety Matters. Be Alert.

Monitoring drug & alcohol compliance works.

Compliance before working with TPS Alert
Compliance after working with TPS Alert

✓ After implementing TPS Alert, defining contractor drug & alcohol expectations, and verifying they are actually being met, contractors are 90% more likely to comply, resulting in safer work operations for all.

Why audit?

Minimize onsite incidents and bring everyone home safe.

Auditing your contractors' drug & alcohol programs is critical to preventing costly and harmful incidents.

14-Year High

The US workforce drug testing positivity rate is at a 14-year high.


Employees are 60% more likely to use illicit drugs if their employer does not have a drug testing program.

20.8 Million

Substance abuse disorders affect 20.8 million Americans, which is almost 8% of the adult and adolescent population.

Nearly 16%

In an anonymous survey, nearly 16% of employees working for an employer without a drug testing program self-reported that they used illicit drugs in the past 30 days.

$442 Billion

Substance abusers cost businesses an estimated $442 billion annually.


75% of substance abusers are a part of the US workforce.

* Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index™

We work directly with contractors to gather information, help them understand issues, address gaps, and make the changes needed
to obtain c

TPS Alert provides the dedicated resources, expertise, and support needed to effectively evaluate, audit, and improve contractor drug & alcohol programs, so they are compliant with client-specific and regulatory standards.

Why TPS Alert?

Your single source for drug & alcohol compliance expertise.

Auditing your contractors' drug & alcohol programs is critical to preventing costly and harmful incidents.

  • Regarded by the industry as subject-matter experts
  • Work directly with a regulatory attorney to authoritatively assess policies
  • Continually up-to-date with drug- and alcohol-related laws and regulatory policies

Our value

We provide value to clients based on their specific needs.


Full visibility

Our process and platform make it easy to know exactly which contractors, enrollments, or employees are in compliance.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our comprehensive audits and ongoing monitoring verify that contractors are complying with drug & alcohol testing and background screening requirements.

Easy-to-read, clickable charts summarize the high-level compliance metrics you care about most.

Quickly drill down into which contractors, enrollments, or employees need your attention.

TPS Alert Compliance Engine

Built by our in-house Development TEAM, the engine evaluates program data points against Operator requirements as users provide them to determine compliance.

Our Auditing TEAM is then free to focus on reviewing subjective and sensitive components like drug and alcohol test results.

Screen size doesn’t matter.

No access to a computer? No problem. Our completely redesigned interface has been optimized for mobile use, ensuring fast, seamless access wherever your cellular data will reach.

Contractors and TPAs can enter statistical data and upload documents; Operators can quickly review enrollment and employee-level compliance statuses in a pinch.

Hear from a

Hiring Client

“TPS Alert’s program planning, education, execution and follow-up are second to none. Thanks to TPS Alert, we have the highest level of confidence that our drug and alcohol program is compliant, efficient and cost-effective.”


Customer service

Our responsive and knowledgeable customer service team provides friendly,
account-specific customer service.

  • Dedicated auditors who understand your specific requirements and proactively works directly with each contractor
  • Customer service team available via phone, email, and chat for quick assistance
  • Frequent meetings with clients to discuss industry best practices, updates, and trends

> 30,000

More than 30,000 audits conducted each year

4.8 out of 5 Stars

Average chat rating of 4.8 stars

Hear from a


“The team at TPS is interactive and available. You send them an email, a chat or a call and you’re almost getting an answer back instantly. That’s not something that we experience anywhere else.”


Easy to use

We minimize the workload for you and your contractors through simple, efficient processes that we've made as convenient as possible.

  • Contractors can use any Third Party Administrator or their own internal drug testing program, providing flexibility and minimizing administrative workload.
  • Contractors have the option to allow our sister company, TEAM Professional Services, to manage their employee drug testing and TPS Alert reporting, taking almost all of the work off their plate.
  • Straightforward step-by-step enrollment process allows contractors to house all required documentation in one centralized, secure location.
  • Integration with industry safety monitoring and Operator Qualification (OQ) Systems, so that verified drug and alcohol statuses can be incorporated into the overall safety score.

Hear from a


“TPS Alert’s system is among the simplest of the compliance systems to use, and as a contractor to many great customers, we have experience with many other systems.”


Unique contractor approach

You want your contractors in compliance, and they want to qualify to work with you. We address gaps with contractors to strengthen their testing programs, so they can qualify with hiring companies.


We act as a bridge between hiring companies and contractors

Focus on meaningful requirements rather than creating hurdles

Provide the rationale behind specific requirements and give reasonable deadlines for making changes

Help contractors understand exactly what steps they need to take to become compliant


Hear from a


“With TPS Alert, they actually take the time to walk you through it and help you understand why it has to be done a certain way.”


We make it easy for contractors.

Hiring companies and contractors all share the same goal of a safe, drug- & alcohol-free workplace. TPS Alert provides expertise, guidance, and support to make compliance as straightforward as possible for contractors.

Audit Process

1. Enrollment

Contractor enrolls and submits information required for audit.

2. Review

Auditor completes review
within 48 hours.

3. Maintenance

Auditors conduct routine audits throughout the year.

4. Support

Ongoing proactive outreach and inbound support to assist contractor with compliance.

Hear from a

Hiring Client

“The TPS Alert process has been very helpful to our commitment of attaining safe operations. TPS Alert allows us to have a consistent approach in ensuring companies have robust drug and alcohol programs that encourage a safe and secure worksite for employees and the communities where we operate.”

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