The new tps alert

Faster, smarter contractor compliance.

A modern contractor monitoring platform that uses technology to deliver faster compliance and offers the flexibility to meet your needs.

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A smarter platform for faster results.

A simple, modern interface delivers an intuitive, satisfying user experience while our groundbreaking software engine automates compliance to qualify contractors faster than ever.

TPS Alert Compliance Engine

Built by our in-house Development TEAM, the TPS Alert Compliance Engine is the backbone of our new system.

The engine evaluates program data points against Operator requirements as users provide them to determine compliance.

Our Auditing TEAM is then free to focus on reviewing subjective and sensitive components like drug and alcohol test results.

Data delivered in real-time.

Verified information from TPS Alert now syncs directly to data partners like ISNetworld and Veriforce in real time using an API.

Screen size doesn’t matter.

No access to a computer? No problem. Our completely redesigned interface has been optimized for mobile use, ensuring fast, seamless access wherever your cellular data will reach.

Contractors and TPAs can enter statistical data and upload documents; Operators can quickly review enrollment and employee-level compliance statuses in a pinch.



Take matters into your own hands.

One size never fits all. New premium capabilities allow TPS Alert to be tailored and scaled to fit each of our users' unique needs in more ways than ever.

Fine-tune your requirements.

With our new custom Configuration options, organize contractors into multiple groups and fine-tune compliance requirements with over one hundred customizable criteria.

Make your audits work for you.

Set custom rules for how many contractors are audited and how often. Go beyond the standard audit cycle with On‑Demand Audits, which can be generated anytime for any reason.



Total visibility of what's important.

We've made it easier than ever to see exactly where things stand in your account with our redesigned and expanded dashboards.

  • Easy-to-read, clickable charts summarize the high-level compliance metrics you care about most.
  • Quickly drill down into which contractors, enrollments, or employees need your attention.

Enrollment Overview

See all outstanding Action Items needed to gain compliance for a specific enrollment.

Complete tasks in any order, while bold graphic elements track progress and clearly communicate where things stand.

The Activities widget shows all recent contractor activity, providing real-time insight into what's happening.

Operators & Hiring Clients

Quickly see how all your contractors and vendors are doing at a glance.

Easily switch between different Configurations to compare metrics or combine everything to see the big picture.

Third-Party Administrators

Reduce clutter in your account by setting up a generic or shared inbox to receive all system notifications.

With the new Consortium Management tool, add monthly or quarterly statistical testing data and apply it to all enrolled contractors in just a few clicks.


See all active enrollments with the essential details in one easy-to-read list. Search or filter by compliance status.

Complete common tasks faster using shortcuts at the top for adding a new enrollment or updating the components of your program.



More data to make better decisions.

We're gathering and providing more data than ever to dive deeper, discover new insights, and make informed decisions.

Operators and TPAs can easily see which Contractors have open audits. Browse by type and view essential details.

Quickly download aggregated spreadsheets of your enrollments, employees, and open audits.

Explore historical statistical testing data and drill down into violation details, including the specific drugs detected, reasons for refusal, and disposition.

Access the complete history of individual employees, including drug and alcohol tests, background checks, and supervisor training.



Powerful support at your fingertips.

  • Explore FAQs and support articles from any page anytime. Easily find what you need by searching or browsing by category.
  • A new AI-driven Virtual Assistant instantly answers your most common questions, providing links to related resources for further reading.
  • A new Announcements widget keeps your notifications organized and convenient, with a prominent badge count to keep you on top of unread items.

If you don’t find what you need, connecting with a live person on our Customer Excellence TEAM is still just a click away!

Hear from a


“TPS Alert’s system looks more like a new-age platform. A lot of others are still on older platforms that are very hard to navigate. TPS Alert, on the other hand, is very easy to navigate. Anyone could figure it out with a little direction.”

help & learning

Need help with the new system?

Learn how to use the new system with these targeted Quick Guides.

Contractor Quick Guide
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Third-Party Administrator Quick Guide
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Operator Quick Guide
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TPS Alert System Changelog

Stay on top of the latest updates to the TPS Alert system.



Areas Impacted


New: Added a searchable TPA Reference Code to the TPA view of the Enrollments tab.


New: Unverified Roster Checks and open Roster Audit pages now include ISN, SSQ, TPA Reference ID, TPA, and Status. All fields are searchable, and Sorting has been added for all additional columns.


New: Enrollments will now show a gear icon when the TPS Alert Compliance Engine is processing.


Tweak: Added a "View All" button to Receipt and Invoice pages for improved navigation.



New: TPAs will now be included on all roster import upload communications.


Tweak: Operator view of enrollments now includes ISN and SSQ.


Tweak: Contractor Dashboard now includes Enrollment expiration date.


Tweak: TPA view of audits now includes ISN, SSQ and Reference ID.


Tweak: Added a "Unknown/Not My Employee" disposition option to TPA Consortium reports.



New: Field values no longer default to "0" in Statistical Data Reports. All fields start as blank, and a button has been added that sets all blanks to "0s." All fields must be filled in order for the report to be validated.


Tweak: Expanded the character limit on the Explanation/Resolution fields to 1000 characters in Statistical Data Audits.


Tweak: Imported and manually added employees now default to non-compliance until the compliance engine is run.


New: Roster audits will now show an explanation if an audit document was rejected with the reason "Other."


New: Operator view of enrollments now includes the DER of the contractor.


New: Operator Enrollment search has been updated to provide better results.



New: Contractors can now remove pending unpaid items from checkout.


New: Contractors can now pay incomplete invoices from the Payments Tab of their Company Overview.


Fix: Bug fixes for stat data Disposition Count field.

statistical data


New: Contractors, TPAs, and Operators can now search by  Employee ID on the Employees page.


Tweak: Paid invoices now show a "PAID" watermark  when viewed and downloaded.


Tweak: TPAs can now set default MROs and HHS Labs for  connected enrollments. When a contractor selects a TPA for an enrollment, the  default MROs and/or HHS Labs will be automatically assigned for that  enrollment.

Program  Details


New: All graphs are now interactive. When  a category is clicked, the data dable is filtered to show only rows with that  category. Graphs effected: Enrollment Compliance, Employee Compliance, and  Reasons for Non-Compliance.

Dashboard, Enrollment Overview

New: Operators can now view PHMSA designation and Employee  Work Types listed on Enrollments page.


New: Company Name now included on digital  invoices and receipts.


Fix: Issue with accepting payments from companies with  long names.



New: Supervisors are no longer required to be included on Employee  Roster.This also removes the requirement for supervisors to have Reasonable  Suspicion Training or a pre-employment test. Action items related to these  requirements will no longer display.

Action  Items, Employees/Supervisors

Tweak: Compliance Engine will now run on all enrollments nightly as a delta  process.

Compliance Engine


Fix: Enrollments now begin as "non-complaint" when initially  created.

Compliance Engine

Fix: Compliance Over Time graph

Enrollment  Overview

Tweak: Added driver’s license states for Canada and Mexico.



Fix: Bug fixes for employee-level compliance.

Compliance Engine

Fix: Improved cleaning of employee Work Type prior to saving.

Roster  Import Tool


New: Company and Sender information now included on e-signature  request email notifications.

Signature  Requests

New: Company Name now included on emailed receipts.


Fix: Issue with accepting multiple payments on a single  enrollment.


Fix: Compliance Percentage graph


Fix: Reasons for Non-Compliance graph


Fix: Roster Download failure.


Fix: Roster Import Tool notification emails now sending to the  user who uploaded the file, including TPA users.

Roster Import  Tool

Fix: PHMSA Policy will now accept signatures for self-administered  contractors.

PHMSA Management

Tweak: Randoms Program frequency (Monthly or Quarterly) is now a  required field.

Program Details

Fix: Redundant audit notification emails no longer generating.


Tweak: Password requirements added  to Password Reset page.

User Management


Fix: Daily compliance email no longer generating for disconnected  enrollments.



Fix: Subscription Renewal action items no longer displaying before  the actual expiration date.

Action Items


New: Users can now opt-in to receive a daily email notification  listing all open action items needed for compliance.


Fix: Daily compliance email no longer generating for disconnected  enrollments.


Fix: Missing Q1 Statistical Data action item no longer preventing  compliance when not required.

Action Items

Fix: Subscription Renewal action items no longer displaying before  the actual expiration date.

Action Items

Tweak: Randoms Program help text moved to a more visible position.

Program Details


Fix: Improved matching  of employee Work Type.

roster import tool

Fix: Performance  improvements to Data Partner compliance API.

compliance feed

Fix: Bug fixes for test  Disposition dropdown menu.

statistical data

New: TPAs can  now request a default MRO and HHS Labs to be applied to all connected  contractors. Request must be submitted to the TPS Alert Development TEAM to  be completed.

Program Details


Fix: All uploaded audit documents notify the Auditing TEAM as expected.


Fix: Contractors no longer  locked from additional upload attempts.

roster import tool

Fix: Requested payment for future renewal payment action item no longer displaying when not required.

action items

Fix: PHMSA Policy Validation errors corrected.

PHMSA management

Fix: "Complete" option on Stat Data filter removed when not needed.

statistical data

Fix: API Token menu option removed.


New: Operators can now search by contractor name on Employees page.



Fix: Sending of PHMSA policy signature request no longer delayed.

PHMSA Management

Fix: Operators can now view Employee Details pages.



Fix: "PHMSA Management" button and "PHMSA" label no longer visible when not applicable.

Enrollment Overview

Fix: Roster Audit action item no longer displaying when not required.

Action Items

Fix: Fixed permission issue (403) when viewing an invoice.


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