TPS Alert Hosts Operator Roundtable in Oklahoma City

September 25, 2019

TPS Alert hosted an oil and gas Operator Roundtable on September 17th, 2019, bringing together top industry leaders to discuss current trends in drug and alcohol compliance management.

The Roundtable was held at 21C Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City and served as an opportunity for more than 40 attendees from 18 companies to collaborate on industry best practices and share experiences with how they differ operationally. The companies in attendance represented Upstream, Midstream and Mining Operators nationwide.

The half-day event focused on top concerns for safety and compliance leaders with multiple data-driven and peer-to-peer presentations, as well as a panel discussion. The morning began with an introductory presentation by Tim Jenney and Jenny Sloan with TPS Alert. Tim & Jenny provided robust data on drug use in the workplace, top drug positives trends and updates around medical marijuana legalization.

The next discussion provided key learnings from Whiting Oil & Gas’ experience implementing with TPS Alert. Katie Roberts and Walt Galloway of Whiting walked through their recommendations and how they use TPS Alert to complement their contractor management system. The final peer presentations wrapped up with Ronnie Roberts providing insights from Antero Resources’ extensive on-site drug testing program and the impact Antero has seen on their safety statistics since rolling it out.

After lunch, the event closed with a panel of safety and compliance leaders answering various questions and providing insight around managing a successful contractor drug and alcohol program. The panelists were Marty Bryant with OXY, Dennis Ewedosh with CONSOL Energy, Zack Laird with Flywheel Energy, Olivia McNamara with WPX Energy and Susie Sjulin with Enable Midstream.

This was TPS Alert’s second Operator Roundtable event. Dates and locations are currently being evaluated for a third. Let us know if you would like to be a part of our upcoming Roundtables.

Additional photos from the event can be viewed here.

TPS Alert is an Oklahoma City-based drug and alcohol auditing company that provides the oversight necessary to ensure contractors are in compliance with regulatory and Operator-specific drug and alcohol program requirements, ultimately resulting in fewer incidents and reduced costs.


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