Are You Prepared for 2017?

January 20, 2017

It’s a new year and a historic Inauguration Day. A year filled with hope for new changes, many of those targeted toward the Oil & Gas industry. We have already seen an increase in oil prices and are starting to see operations ramp up, companies hiring, and overall morale improving.

However, as we move towards a hopeful recovery, we must tread lightly. Unfortunately, history often repeats itself — and history has shown us that with an increase in new employment and upsurge of operations, the industry typically sees a substantial rise in injuries and fatalities.

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As an industry, we have to work hard to ensure the employees and contractors we are hiring are safe and reliable. Many of the workforce coming back will be individuals who may have been out of work for quite some time. With this, it is vital to confirm they are competently trained to perform the job and also meeting drug & alcohol requirements. A critical and cost-effective strategy for preventing incidents is to create and foster a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

Now is the time for your organization to prepare for what 2017 promises to bring to the industry. TPS Alert is here to take the work off your plate and verify your contractors are in compliance. TPS Alert provides a series of comprehensive compliance audits and continual drug & alcohol monitoring with a complete panel review to ensure contractors are actually testing in conformity with their Operator’s requirements. Reasonable suspicion training and background screening monitoring is also available. Through TPS Alert’s contractor auditing service, Operators can ensure that their contractors are in compliance with their company-specific drug & alcohol and background screening policies, resulting in fewer incidents and reduced costs.

Don’t wait until your organization has a drug-related incident – prevent it before it happens.


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